Stroud Valley SEO – My Example Web Design Costs 2024

Are you looking for a website that’s more than just pixels on a screen? One that attracts your ideal customers builds trust, and fuels your business growth? My name is Justin March; I am a freelance web designer with a results-first approach. Whatever you need, from a single-page WordPress site to eCommerce solutions with Shopify or WooCommerce. My Web Design Costs are hard to beat.

Why pay the salaries of sales staff and account managers at your local Web Design Company or Agency? 

Why pay for a site designed only to make the Web Designers themselves money?

What Sets Stroud Valley SEO Apart?

I consider your business goals, target audience, and desired results. Then, I craft a website that’s uniquely yours:

  • Results-Focused: Your website will do more than look pretty. It will guide visitors seamlessly towards those vital calls to action. Whether you need to generate leads or boost sales, your success is my priority.
  • SEO-Savvy: With nearly three decades of SEO experience, I ensure your website is visually appealing and search engine friendly. Every element, from content to code, is optimised for search engines, driving organic traffic and leads.
  • Masters-Level User Experience (UX): During my MA in Visual Communication, I principally focused on Usability. I build websites with a deep understanding of User Experience (UX). I work to ensure your visitors have a seamless journey and take the action you desire.
  • Performance-Driven: Google and your site visitors will love your site websites. Fast loading times, mobile-friendliness, and a user-friendly experience keep visitors engaged and returning for more.
  • Personalised Service: Speak directly with me; I work to understand your unique needs and tailor my services accordingly.
  • Budget-Friendly Options: My services are perfect for those on a tight budget, providing quality without compromise.  

My Website Pricing Guide 2024

Think of my services as an investment, not an expense. I build websites that work harder for you, day in and day out. Here’s how I bring your vision to life. The following prices are just a guide. All of my prices are bespoke and based on the needs of my clients. For a detailed estimate, please get in touch with me today.

Foundation Package: Unlock Your Online Presence – Starts at £450**

Ideal for a simple online presence, showcasing your services and contact form. (Includes basic SEO optimisation).

Startup Boost Package: Engage, Convert, and Grow – Starts at £850**

Perfect for businesses ready to engage, convert, and grow. Includes up to 5 pages, custom design, contact form, and targeted SEO strategies. (Includes 12 months of ongoing SEO consultation).

Grow Big Package: Multi-page site, Advanced SEO – Starts at £2,000**

For those who demand the full digital marketing arsenal. Multi-page website, advanced SEO strategies, content creation, and ongoing performance reporting. (Includes 12 months of dedicated SEO management).

eCommerce Mastery Package: Custom, Scalable Store – Starts at £2,000**

Bespoke multi-page store, advanced SEO strategies, content creation, ongoing performance reporting, and a custom, scalable online store with unlimited products. (Includes 12 months of dedicated SEO management).

Ongoing Website Maintenance Costs:

Website Maintenance Ongoing Costs – from £40** (Monthly retainer)

I offer ongoing support worry-free maintenance for SEO, content marketing, plugin updates, security checks, backups and more, with bespoke services to cater to your needs, including:

  • Content Marketing & Updates: Fresh product descriptions, blog posts, and promotions.
  • SEO Optimisation: Ongoing SEO maintenance like keyword research and link building.
  • Software Updates: Updating your platform, plugins, and themes for security and functionality.
  • Security Monitoring: Regular website scans and proactive security measures protect your store from attacks.
  • Backups and Disaster Recovery: Regular backups and a robust disaster recovery plan ensure business continuity.

Important Disclaimer:

** The prices displayed are intended as a starting point and do not constitute formal estimates. The final cost of your website design project will depend on various factors, including the amount of content provided, revisions requested, and additional features desired. To receive an accurate estimate, please get in touch with me for a free consultation and to discuss your project in detail. This consultation will allow me to understand your needs and tailor a package that fits your budget and goals.

Web Design Costs Stroud, Gloucestershire, Bristol & Beyond (FAQs)

I provide Web Design with SEO built into the structure from King Stanley in the Stroud District of Gloucestershire. I typically serve clients in Stroud, Gloucestershire and Bristol.

Can I design a website for free?

In a word, yes!

Google Sites is a good Free website builder for local businesses who want to shine on Google Places. It is an excellent option if you are on a tight budget (below £200) and can operate with a minimal website based on a template. Design costs are technically zero, and you avoid website hosting costs altogether.

The benefit of this option is that you can spend your money on marketing and local SEO and focus on getting leads.

Great for Local Service Providers and Small Retailers and Shops. Check out my article Should you Launch Your Stroud Startup with a Web Design in Google Sites?

What is a good price for web design?

There’s no single “good” price for web design. Try to think of web design as an investment. It’s counter-intuitive but think about the results you want to achieve and work backwards. What are these results worth to you? How much are you happy or prepared to pay for these results?   

My pricing is flexible and based on the results you want to achieve and your budget, so you get the website you need, no more, no less. Factors like complexity, features, size and maintenance requirements will impact your costs. 

My main difference from an agency or web design company is my price flexibility and personal attention.

The prices on this page are a guide. You should contact me for the most accurate website cost estimates.

Why is web design important?

Web design can mean success or failure for your business.

A great web design positively influences visitor experience, brand perception, credibility and trust. Google and other search engines work to understand how users perceive your site and content and reward websites accordingly. The design, therefore, directly impacts the rankings you get in search engines and the results you see. This, in turn, results in more people becoming customers, more sales or whatever other results you may need.  

What are the key elements of a good web design?

A good web design keeps the end-user or visitor in mind from start to finish. Simply put, a good website attracts the right audience and works to convince them to take whatever action you wish.  

Some key elements of a good web design include: 

High-quality user-focused content (Optimised for SEO as appropriate).
Responsive design and mobile optimisation, suitable for all devices and screen sizes.
Intuitive navigation.
Compelling design and calls to action.
Fast loading speed (As fast as possible, under 2 seconds).

How long does it take to design a website?

Timelines vary and depend on client expectations, project complexity, and client responsiveness. I believe in setting realistic timescales and will endeavour to set clear expectations for your project.  

Planning and my proactive approach allow me to streamline the web design process as much as possible.  

If you have specific deadlines, please communicate these to me so I can accommodate your needs.

What is responsive (mobile-friendly) web design?

Simply put a responsive web design changes to work on different screen sizes and devices. 

You may also have heard the phrase “mobile-friendly”. Responsive websites are also mobile-friendly.  

A mobile-friendly site also factors other elements, notably how fast your site downloads on mobile devices. The benefit of a mobile-friendly website is that it is excellent for your site visitors no matter what device they use. Also, in particular, Google rewards mobile-friendly sites, and they typically enjoy better ranking.   

You can check your website to see how well it works on mobile devices and more here: 3 FREE Tools to Check Your Web Designer’s SEO Ability.