Five Valleys Arbor – Improving Google My Business & Local SEO


I was contacted by Danny from Five Valleys Arbor as his leads had decreased in recent months. Based in Minchinhampton, Five Valleys Arbor provides tree care services in the Cotswolds and surrounding areas. With over 10 years of arboriculture experience, the Five Valleys Arbor team prides itself on its high standards, quality work, and commitment to customers.


Five Valleys Arbor approached me for assistance with their local SEO strategy. Following my analysis, I identified several areas that needed improvement:

Google Business Profile Issues: Five Valleys Arbor’s Google Business Profile wasn’t optimised, which affected their local search visibility. The profile lacked relevant categories and needed updates to provide accurate and up-to-date information.

SEO Issues on Website: Five Valleys Arbor’s website had some SEO issues, including broken links, which negatively impacted their search results. These issues need to be rectified to protect and improve website visibility and user experience.

Powerful Competitor Links: Comparing Five Valleys Arbor to its competitors, I found that it had limited citations and links. In order to protect and improve their online authority, I would need to build new citations and links.

Customer Reviews: Five Valleys Arbor has a healthy number of customer reviews, however, they are short on detail. It is optimal to have more in-depth written reviews where possible.

Incorrect NAP on Facebook Page: Five Valleys Arbor’s Facebook page contained incorrect Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) information, which caused inconsistency and confusion among potential customers. To ensure accurate information across all platforms, this needed to be corrected.

Strategy and Implementation:

Google Business Profile Optimisation: I advised Five Valleys Arbor on optimising their Google Business Profile. This included researching and adding relevant categories to accurately describe their services.

Website SEO Advice: I conducted an audit of Five Valleys Arbor’s website and provided detailed advice to their web designer on rectifying the SEO issues. This included fixing broken links to enhance search visibility and user experience.

Build Citations and Links: I conducted in-depth research on Five Valleys Arbor’s competitors and identified citation and link-building opportunities. I created high-quality citations on relevant directories and built authoritative links from reputable websites to protect and improve Five Valleys Arbor’s online authority and visibility.

Customer Reviews: I provided detailed advice to Five Valleys Arbor to help ensure they gain more detailed reviews moving forwards.

Facebook Page NAP Correction: I worked with Five Valleys Arbor to correct the NAP information on their Facebook page to ensure consistency with their website and other online platforms.


My efforts in optimising Five Valleys Arbor’s local SEO strategy resulted in significant improvements in their online presence and search visibility. The campaign’s key outcomes included:

Improved Google Business Profile: Five Valleys Arbor’s Google Business Profile was optimised with relevant categories and updated contact information, which helped protect and improve their local search visibility and attract more potential customers.

Resolved SEO Issues on the Website: The website’s broken links were fixed resulting in improved search engine rankings, and an enhanced user experience.

Increased Citations and Links: I built new citations and authoritative links for Five Valleys Arbor, which improved their online authority and visibility, and helped them stay competitive in the local arboriculture space.

Improved Customer Reviews: Provide detailed advice to Five Valleys Arbor to ensure they gain more detailed reviews moving forwards.

Corrected NAP on Facebook Page: The NAP information on Five Valleys Arbor’s Facebook page was corrected, ensuring consistent and accurate information across all online platforms, and avoiding confusion among potential customers.

Overall, the implementation of the local SEO strategy resulted in improved online visibility, better user experience and peace of mind that they are now following best practices. The strategy contributed to enhancing Five Valleys Arbor’s online presence and attracting more potential customers.


I successfully completed local SEO work for Five Valleys Arbor. The comprehensive strategy included optimising the Google Business Profile, providing pragmatic best-value SEO advice for the website, researching competitors’ citations and links, and correcting NAP information on the Facebook page.

The implementation of these optimisations allowed Five Valleys Arbor to protect and improve online visibility.

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