Cool Name Ideas – Passive Income & 120k Visitors PCM

Cool Name Ideas is a side project launched to help startups find their ideal domain names. The site’s primary feature was its range of domain name generators, which could be used specifically for blogs, and would only return available domain names. The project was designed to provide me with additional income via Adsense and improve my SEO skills. I sold the site in 2018 to Webhosting Geeks as my client projects demanded more of my time.

The Problem

The problem that Cool Name Ideas was trying to solve was the difficulty that startups faced in finding available domain names that also fit their brand and vision. To address this problem, the website’s domain name generator tool used algorithms to suggest available domain names based on the user’s keywords and other criteria.

User Persona

The primary user persona for Cool Name Ideas was a startup founder or entrepreneur who was looking for a suitable domain name. The persona was tech-savvy, had a limited budget, and wanted to find a domain name that reflected their brand and vision.

The Goal

The goal of Cool Name Ideas was to provide a solution to the problem of finding an ideal domain name for startups. The project also aimed to generate passive income and improve my SEO skills.

My Role

My role was to do all the SEO work and keyword research. I also came up with the concept and design of the website and its domain name generator tools. I had to ensure that the website was optimised for search engines, including keyword research, on-page optimisation, and link building. I also had to monitor website traffic and rankings to ensure that the website was performing well.

Impact and Lessons Learned

Cool Name Ideas generated over 120k unique visitors per month and received many positive reviews from users.

This project also generated a good monthly passive income and provided an opportunity to improve my SEO skills.

I achieved this success by ranking for some excellent keywords like “Blog Name Generator” for example. The search visibility was outstanding, with no adverse algorithm issues, thanks to my efforts to conform to Google guidelines.

Quality links from reputable websites also matter. I made sure to avoid getting easy links from low-quality sites and instead focused on building relationships with authoritative sources. My hard work paid off when the GoDaddy Garage blog mentioned Cool Name Ideas in an article about naming tips for new blogs.

I sold the site in 2018 to Webhosting Geeks as my client projects demanded more of my time.

Some of the key lessons learned from this project include the importance of keyword research, on-page optimisation, link building, and monitoring website traffic and rankings.

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Justin March - Owner Stroud Valley SEO
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Justin March is a highly skilled freelance SEO and web designer with human-computer and user interface design expertise. He has achieved position 1 rankings in Google for tricky key phrases like "Survey Software" and "Water Coolers". Justin has worked as a marketing director and shareholder at Quench Water Systems Ltd. and WaterCoolers Ltd. Justin now designs, markets and maintains websites for numerous Startups and SMEs in the Stroud and Bristol areas.