Should you Launch Your Stroud Startup with a Web Design in Google Sites?

Google Sites is a solution that most Startups never consider. Still, it is free and worth a look if you have a limited budget. Google Sites could be suitable if you need an affordable, user-friendly solution focusing on local community engagement.

In this article, discover business types that typically find Google Sites beneficial. Along with a Flowchart to help see if it matches your needs.

What Stroud Businesses Might Benefit From Google Sites? 

Google Sites lets you showcase your business. You can add contact forms, testimonials, pricing info, booking options, opening hours, photos, and a location map. Here are some business types typical to Stroud that would benefit from a Google Site:

Local Service Providers:

Trades and Construction 

Plumbers, electricians, and builders can showcase services, add contact forms, and provide customer testimonials.

Services and Personal Care

Cleaning services, dog walkers and personal trainers may display service offerings, pricing, and booking options.

Food and Dining

Restaurants, cafes and pubs can create a site with food menus, opening hours, photos, and a location map to attract local customers and tourists.

Beauty and Personal Care

Hairdressers and beauty salons can showcase their services and promotions and offer appointment booking functionality through a user-friendly website.

Small Retailers and Shops:

Retail and Specialty Stores

Independent bookstores, gift shops, and craft stores can present simple products and store information for local browsing and engagement.

Vintage and Antique

Antique shops and vintage clothing stores can showcase their main products with attractive pictures and descriptions, attracting local customers and collectors.

Local Markets and Food Producers

Local farmers’ markets, bakers and butchers can share opening hours, special offers and a location map.

The most crucial factor when deciding whether to use Google Sites is whether the platform offers what you need to match your marketing goals. 

Flowchart: Would Google Sites Work for Your Startup?

The following Flowchart should help you decide:

Start Here: First, Your Marketing Goals

  • Before you begin, think about what you want to achieve with your new site?

Question 1: Do you only need a simple website?

  • Yes: Go to Question 2
  • No: Google Sites may not be appropriate; consider alternatives.

Question 2: What is your web development budget?

  • Limited budget (Below £200): Go to Question 3
  • Larger budget (Above £200): Google Sites may not be suitable; contact a web designer for advice.

Question 3: Can you manage without advanced website features (i.e. E-commerce)?

  • Yes: Go to Question 4
  • No: Google Sites may not offer enough customisation. 

Question 4: How comfortable are you with technology?

  • Comfortable: Go to Question 5
  • Uncomfortable: The Google Sites’ interface is easy to use. 

Question 5: Do you have simple marketing goals?

  • Yes. I just desire brand awareness: The Google Sites platform can help you build brand awareness through a simple website.
  • Yes. I just need simple lead generation: Google Sites offers limited built-in forms with Google Forms. 
  • No: Consider alternative website builders (or talk to a web designer) if you require complex or more robust tools.


  • Google Sites is perhaps suitable: If you answered “Yes” to most questions, then Google Sites could be a good fit for your website needs.
  • Consider alternatives: If you answered “No” to several questions, especially regarding advanced features, marketing goals, or budget, contact a web designer for advice.

Additional Considerations & Limitations:

  • Scalability: Not ideal for high-traffic or complex websites.
  • SEO & Marketing: Basic SEO features are available but are very limited.
  • Easy Collaboration on Content: Offers some cool collaborative features.
  • Basic Templates and Design Customisation: Offers templates with limited customisation, although they are mobile-friendly. It features an easy (but limited) drag-and-drop interface, no coding skills required. Before proceeding, you should assess if the templates meet your design needs. If you have a Google account, you can check these out here
  • No E-commerce: You cannot directly sell products.
  • Free Creation, SSL and Hosting: Get essential features like website creation, SSL certificate and hosting at no cost. Hosting is through Google’s secure servers with automatic backups and regular updates. 

Features Requiring Additional Setup:

  • Integration with Google Analytics: Track your visitors through Google Analytics. The feature requires a separate setup.
  • Custom Domain Name: Opt for a custom domain name, like Please note this also requires additional setup.

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Justin March - Owner Stroud Valley SEO
Owner Stroud Valley SEO
Justin March is a highly skilled freelance SEO and web designer with human-computer and user interface design expertise. He has achieved position 1 rankings in Google for tricky key phrases like "Survey Software" and "Water Coolers". Justin has worked as a marketing director and shareholder at Quench Water Systems Ltd. and WaterCoolers Ltd. Justin now designs, markets and maintains websites for numerous Startups and SMEs in the Stroud and Bristol areas.