Top Non-profits and Charities Based in Stroud

A variety of charities and non-profits serve our community in Stroud. These local non-profits and charities help people come together to address local issues.

The help offered includes helping disadvantaged youth, marginalised groups, and individuals with health challenges receive valuable services and support

You can reach their support sections directly through the links below. If you can, donate money, time, or resources.

Stroud District Foodbank

Stroud District Foodbank Operating since 2011 the foodbank aims to provide emergency food supplies to those in need in our local community. The foodbank operates as part of the Trussell Trust, a nationwide network of foodbanks working to combat hunger and poverty across the UK.

The Stroud District Foodbank provides a vital service to individuals and families in crisis. It offers three days’ worth of nutritionally balanced food to people referred to them by a range of professionals, including social workers, healthcare providers, and local charities.

Stroud Valleys Project

Stroud Valleys Project focuses on conservation and sustainability in Stroud. Among their projects are restoring green spaces, planting trees, and promoting renewable energy. They benefit the local community and the wider environment.

The Door Youth Project

The Door Youth Project provides support and guidance to young people aged 11-25 in Stroud. They offer a range of services, including mentoring, counselling, and youth clubs. They aim to help young people build confidence, resilience, and life skills.

Allsorts Gloucestershire

Allsorts Gloucestershire supports and improves the lives of disabled children and their families. Parents and carers are provided with support and advice, as well as play sessions, sports clubs, and workshops.

Cotswold Canal Trust

Cotswold Canal Trust is a charity that restores Cotswold canals and waterways in the Stroud area. They aim to create a sustainable and accessible canal network that benefits the local community and wildlife. Their work involves fundraising, volunteering, and advocacy for canal restoration.

The Long Table

The Long Table is a community interest company that runs a pay-as-you-feel cafe in Stroud. They use surplus food from local supermarkets and suppliers to provide nutritious and affordable meals for the community. They aim to reduce food waste and promote community cohesion through shared meals.

The Meningitis Trust

The Meningitis Trust provides support and information to people with Meningitis and Septicaemia. Their mission is to raise awareness and support those affected. Among their services are counselling, financial assistance, and education.

Stroud Women’s Refuge

Stroud Women’s Refuge is a charity that provides safe and secure accommodation for women and children who have experienced domestic abuse.” In addition to counselling and advocacy, they offer practical support and raise awareness of domestic violence.

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