3 FREE Tools to Check Your Web Designer’s SEO Ability

Are you concerned about hiring a Web Design Agency or Company? Why not test their websites before you hire them?

Here, I reveal 3 easy-to-use tools. Test your prospective designers’ company or agency website to check its SEO and, thus, each designer’s ability. I have also included screenshots of what you should see, taking Stroud Valley SEO as an example.

Do you have no time? Do you want one tool? Opt for the Rank Math SEO Analyzer. It’s a user-friendly tool that covers most bases, empowering you to assess your prospective designers’ SEO ability quickly.

Benefits of Hiring a Web Designer with SEO Knowledge

Your web designer must optimise your new web design for search engines like Google to achieve increased organic visibility and better results; we do this with SEO.

“SEO stands for “search engine optimisation.” In simple terms, SEO means the process of improving your website to increase its visibility in Google, Microsoft Bing, and other search engines…”


Contrary to what some designers may suggest, SEO is not an afterthought. It should be a pivotal consideration throughout the web design process, as it directly impacts your website’s visibility and performance.

“Incorporating SEO in web design is all about bringing search engine optimisation—the practice of improving a website to increase its rankings in search engine results—into the website designing and building process. Which helps increase traffic and improve the user experience.”


Free & Easy Tools to Check Your Designer’s SEO Ability

The Rank Math SEO Analyzer, Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool, and Google PageSpeed Insights Tool are all comprehensive and free tools for web admins and developers. They provide specific diagnostics to check for essential elements of website optimisation, giving you confidence in assessing a designer’s SEO ability.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google recommends that a web page load within 2 to 3 seconds to reduce the rate of users leaving. This free tool provides a score and valuable recommendations for enhancing your website’s performance, such as:

  1. Loading speed on desktop and mobile devices
  2. Identifying reasons for any slowdowns
  3. Recommendations for enhancing website performance
  4. A score reflecting the loading speed

To use Google PageSpeed Insights, simply enter the URL of the design company’s website (e.g. https://stroudvalleyseo.co.uk/) and click “Analyse.” The tool will scan the web page, providing a detailed report on loading speed for desktop and mobile devices and personalised suggestions for optimisation. 

Below, you can see how this website design performs in Google PageSpeed Insights.

Google PageSpeed Insights Tool Stroud Valley SEO

Green is good, and you’re looking for scores close to 100% across the board, indicating excellent performance on both mobile and desktop.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

With increasing numbers of users accessing websites on mobile devices, it is important to have a mobile-friendly website. The Google Mobile-Friendly Test checks that a website adapts well to different screen sizes and devices. Input your web designer’s web page (e.g. https://stroudvalleyseo.co.uk/) and click “Test”. The tool scans the web page, generating a report detailing mobile-friendliness and offering suggestions for improvement.

Below, you can see how this website design performs in the Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool - Stroud Valley SEO

Again, green is good, but look for the “This page is easy to use on mobile” message. Anything else is a less-than-stellar result.

Rank Math SEO Analyzer

The Rank Math SEO Analyzer is a free tool from the makers of one of my favourite SEO tools. It provides a holistic assessment with over 20 different SEO checks. Input your web designer’s website URL (it must be the home page, e.g., https://stroudvalleyseo.co.uk/) and click “Analyse.” Once again, green is good, and you want the site to pass as many of the 21 tests as possible.

Basic SEO

Under “Basic SEO”, this tool covers the fundamental SEO requirements. It checks the presence and relevance of keywords in the title and description, SEO description, H1 and H2 headings, and SEO title. A poor score indicates limited SEO knowledge or a heavy focus on design over and above any aspects of basic technical SEO.

HINT: Notice whether the “Common Keywords” listed are relevant to the page content and likely keywords the target audience might use to find the site.

Advanced SEO

Under “Advanced SEO,” the tool checks for more severe technical SEO issues that could lead to a site not being indexed by Google. These include the presence of and correct implementation of the Canonical Tag, Noindex Meta and a valid robots.txt file. Errors here can be catastrophic; for example, if your robots.txt file blocks essential files, it can hurt your SEO. The noindex meta tag instructs search engines not to index a webpage. Again, if there are issues, this is a very worrying sign.

HINT: In this area, also check that the “Mobile Snapshot” looks as you would expect it to and the “Search Preview” and “Mobile Search Preview” seem to appear OK in the search results.

Performance Checks

This section includes various performance-related analyses, such as image headers expiration, CSS and JavaScript minification, page size, response time, and more, which are crucial for optimising the website’s performance and user experience.

“Page speed is still a confirmed ranking factor for Google’s search results as of April 2023. It may not have a strong impact all the time, but it’s a signal that goes into evaluating page experience.”


Security Checks

Under “Security Checks”, the checks indicate whether your plugins, themes, or directories are publicly visible and whether the website is delivered over a secure connection. Failure of these checks indicates the potential for exposure of sensitive information to potential attackers, putting the website and possibly its users at risk.

Below, you can see how this website design performs on the Rank Math SEO Analyzer tool.

Rank Math SEO Analyzer Tool - Free Report - Stroud Valley SEO

Once again, green is good, and you want the site to pass as many of the 21 tests as possible.

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Justin March - Owner Stroud Valley SEO
Owner Stroud Valley SEO
Justin March is a highly skilled freelance SEO and web designer with human-computer and user interface design expertise. He has achieved position 1 rankings in Google for tricky key phrases like "Survey Software" and "Water Coolers". Justin has worked as a marketing director and shareholder at Quench Water Systems Ltd. and WaterCoolers Direct.com Ltd. Justin now designs, markets and maintains websites for numerous Startups and SMEs in the Stroud and Bristol areas.