Best Free AI Logo Generators Tested & Ranked

Let me help you design your brand identity with one of the Best Free AI Logo Generators.

Creating a logo tailored to your business is crucial, and Free AI Logo Generators can help you with that. However, some believe artificial intelligence (AI) logos lack the human touch and creativity that make a logo outstanding. According to them, AI generated logos lack creativity and are too similar.

To keep this article concise, I will focus on Free AI Logo Generators that offer a free design option capable of kickstarting your website. I will test these generators with a fictional eco-friendly fashion brand named “Green Threads” and the best icon I can find. This will help you quickly understand what each tool does and indicate how useful it may or may not be for you.

As a trained graphic designer, I have often seen poorly designed logos created by designers (most often due to client ignorance). I have also seen startups rely on clip art as their logo and even stick it on their website and van.

Don’t get me wrong, creating a custom logo is an important part of starting a business. However, not everyone has the design skills or the budget to hire a professional designer. In these instances, an AI Logo Generator can be a useful tool…

How to Choose the Best Free AI Logo Generator for Your Business

The best Free AI Logo Generator for your business depends on your specific needs and preferences. I advise you to try out a few different platforms, experiment with designs, and gather feedback from potential customers. Remember that your logo represents your brand, so take your time to ensure it accurately reflects your vision. Below, I outline each generator’s key features, pros and cons, best uses, and pricing details.

I approached each tool as a novice might. In other words, I didn’t go to the ends of the earth to manipulate the logos. I selected only the colours, fonts, etc., presented to me.

My No. 1 Pick – Namecheap Logo Maker

Namecheap Logo Maker is ideal for startups, individuals, and small businesses seeking a straightforward logo creation process. While its customisation options initially seem limited compared to other generators, be patient; it gets much better. At the end of the process, you’ll access a vast library of high-quality icons; you can also easily refine your logo’s overall look and design and adjust the layout.

I tried to redesign a number of my client logos with this tool (not published here) and was impressed by all the results. The colour suggestions, in particular, lead to great outcomes.

Namecheap Logo Maker - Screen 1
Namecheap Logo Maker - Screen 2

Key Features:

  • User-Friendly Interface and Design Process: The tool allows you to create a unique logo by choosing from three initial font style options.
  • Colour Templates, Icons, and Fonts: Once the initial design phase ends, play with colour templates, icons, and fonts to make your logo unique.
  • Preview Your Logo Everywhere: See how your logo will appear on your website, mobile devices, letterheads, and even T-shirts.
  • Free SVG and PNG logo design files and more: Numerous SVG and PNG logo files are free once you sign up or log in with Namecheap. You also get a text file containing the font and icon name used in your design and the Hex codes for your website.
  • Option to Purchase Branding Assets: You can optionally buy business cards and domain names directly through the platform.

Namecheap Free Logo Maker (Search Google for “Namecheap Logo Maker”; the link was removed due to URL issues).

My No. 2 Pick – VistaCreate AI Logo Maker

VistaCreate AI Logo Maker offers various design elements and customisation options, making it suitable for individuals and small businesses. This may be a good option if you want a more illustrative logo. Good customisation options to change layout and colours are available later in the design process.

VistaCreate AI Logo Maker - Screen 1
VistaCreate AI Logo Maker - Screen 2

Key Features:

  • User-Friendly Design Process: The tool allows you to create a unique logo by asking relevant questions about your brand and industry. Finding the logo design section is difficult once you log in, and I lost my design from my account. But VistaCreate is a useful tool whose value goes beyond simple logo design.
  • Highly Illustrative Logos: The logos tend to be illustrative, which may suit your project. However, you may need to scroll down the designs to find one that suits you.
  • Free PDF, SVG and PNG logo design files. Numerous logo files are available for free once you sign up with VistaCreate. However, you don’t get info on the font used in your design and no Hex codes for your website as part of the download.
  • Option to Purchase Branding Assets: Owned by Vista Print, you can create all sorts of assets, some paid and some offered as part of your free account.

VistaCreate Logo Maker

My No. 3 Pick – Adobe Logo Maker (Adobe Express)

I have used Adobe for years and wanted to like the Adobe Logo Maker more than I did. Given my approach (to act as a novice user would), I couldn’t get as much out of the design as I would like. If I had customised the logo, I would have seen better results. If you feel confident, it’s worth giving this a go.

Adobe Logo Maker (Adobe Express)

Adobe Free Logo Maker

My No. 4 Pick – Shopify Hatchful Logo Maker

I love Shopify, but the logo generator feels somewhat limited in terms of the styles that come back at the end of the process. Icon selection feels very limited, as are the customisation options. I would still give it a go and see what you think, but I would also try one of the above options.

Shopify Hatchful Logo Maker

Shopify Hatchful Logo Maker

Best AI Logo Generators Sorted

Compare and choose the perfect logo generator for your brand identity. Discover their key features, pros and cons, best uses, and pricing details to create a unique and professional logo for your business.

AI Logo Maker ToolKey Logo Maker FeaturesProsConsFree/PaidLimitations (Free Plan)Cost (Paid Plan)
Namecheap Logo MakerUser-Friendly Interface, Colour Templates, Icons, Fonts, Preview, Free SVG/PNG filesStraightforward logo design experience, Great colour suggestions, Many logo variationsLimited customisation initiallyFreeNoneNA
VistaCreate AI Logo MakerUser-Friendly Design Process, Illustrative Logos, Free PDF/SVG/PNG filesHighly customisable, Good for illustrative logosDifficult to find logo section, Designs might not be for everyoneFree/PaidLimited downloads, No source files, Branding info not includedFree plan with limited features. Paid plans start at $10/month
Adobe Logo Maker (Adobe Express)Limited customisation for novice usersFree/PaidWatermark on free logos, Limited downloadsIncluded in Adobe Creative Cloud plans (starts at $20.99/month)
Shopify Hatchful Logo MakerLimited styles and customisation optionsFree/PaidLow-resolution logo filesFree, Paid plans for Shopify (starts at $29/month)
BrandmarkAdvanced customisationHighly customisable, AI-powered designExpensivePaidLimited free trialStarts at $25
DesignevoUser-friendly interfaceFree with attribution, Paid plans offer more featuresLimited features in the free planFree/PaidLow-resolution logo in the free planStarts at $24.99
LookaUser-friendly interfaceEasy to use, Satisfaction GuaranteeLimited customisation optionsFree/PaidLow-resolution logo in the free planStarts at $20.00
Wix Logo MakerIntegrates with Wix websiteFree with Wix website, Paid plans offer more featuresLimited customisation options in the free planFree/PaidLow-resolution logo in the free planFree with Wix site, Starts at £13.90 otherwise
Hostinger Logo MakerFree with hostingEasy to use, Free with the hosting planLimited featuresPaidOnly available with Hostinger hosting planFree with a hosting plan

6 Top Paid AI Logo Generators – How Do They Compare?

Let’s quickly compare the above free options to the paid options (or free but with conditions) below. Hopefully, the screenshots will help show you if the paid logo creators are a better option.



Brandmark prices from $25



Designevo is free if you credit them (so not included above), or prices from $24.99

Logomaster prices from £29.00



Looka prices from $20.00



Logoai prices from $29

Wix Logo Maker


Wix Logo Maker, which is free with a Wix site or from £13.90

There were a few popular paid options that didn’t allow me to take a screenshot:

  • Tailor Brands Logo Maker, which costs from $3.99/month
  • Fiverr Logo Creator from $30
  • Hostinger Logo Maker is free with hosting


Each free AI logo generator has unique features, pros, and cons. Consider your specific requirements, design preferences, branding and budget when deciding if a logo generator is right for your startup or business.

Justin March - Owner Stroud Valley SEO
Owner Stroud Valley SEO
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